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1. Language

About Halo's M rating: We allow children on our servers. We are aware that the Entertainment Software Rating Board rates Halo as "M" for "Mature". What this means is that parents who do not approve of video game violence should not allow their children to play Halo. However, many of us do allow our children to play Halo, in the same way that we ourselves may have played Cops and Robbers as children, or watched Bugs Bunny cartoons, for that matter. We believe that with appropriate parenting, kids can understand the difference between games and real life.



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Race 4
Race Rules
~ No camping or sniping on Race servers
~ Respect the admins & all players
~ No profanity
~ No team nading/rocketing

Most of the rules are pretty easy to follow, but camping can have different meanings to different people. So here is the rule about camping:
Camping is defined as sitting and waiting in a hog, on foot, etc. for the intent of killing another player. If your life isnt in danger on a Race map you should be driving. If you have to stop to shoot to save your life this isnt considered camping.
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