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Beg For Mercy

Beg for Mercy is a closely knit Halo racing clan formed upon the foundation of strong family ideals and moral values. We are committed to providing a joyous, yet competitive experience in every facet of every game-type. We strive to impress upon our guests these idealisms both by word and by example.
Furthermore, our strict belief in moral values and family ideals makes Beg For Mercy suitable for all ages. We eliminate any inappropriate actions, words, and make Halo a safe place for anyone to play. With our commitment and emphasis on family ideals and moral values, it makes Beg for Mercy a pleasant group to associate with, thus ensuring the racing and gaming pleasure for all guests to be upheld to its fullest extent.
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Race Rules
~ No camping or sniping on Race servers
~ Respect the admins & all players
~ No profanity
~ No team nading/rocketing

Most of the rules are pretty easy to follow, but camping can have different meanings to different people. So here is the rule about camping:
Camping is defined as sitting and waiting in a hog, on foot, etc. for the intent of killing another player. If your life isnt in danger on a Race map you should be driving. If you have to stop to shoot to save your life this isnt considered camping.